Well after several months of nothing an several attempts at using different developers to help get the site back on track, we seem to hopefully be there! Big thanks to ‘Lindah K’ over at Elance for her hard work and patience in getting the site back to how it was first meant to be.

This site is not meant to be showy or grand. It’s simply here to shame selfish parkers across the UK. Those who don’t bother to use white lines properly on residential streets, or those who want to abuse disabled and toddler bays, or those who can’t park normally between the white lines in car parks.

We include the number plates to actually shame people. A site with no plate recording is pointless as the hope is once someone see’s their car on here they’ll at least be a little more considerate next time.

Members are welcome to join and share your own photos too. Or simply @selfishparker them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.