SelfishParker Version 2.0 Launches

Good morning.

Well, after several weeks of rebuilding with a very capable and professional developer, Selfish Parker has relaunched! This project started over 4 years ago to help the owner vent at inconsiderate parkers where he lived in London (Southfields/Earlsfield). If you can remember the old site, you’ll know it was looking very old, blocking, and just not user-friendly.

We hope you like this new site and will sign up, share, post pics, and generally use the site for what is was meant for…a little bit of fun in shaming those bad, selfish, inconsiderate, parkers.

Our site is different those that are out there…and there are only a couple. They either try to sell you things or are ranty blogs. Which is cool and appeals to lots of people. They set the way and we hope we can team up with them eventually. There are also lots of twitter and facebook accounts that expose parkers who park like [email protected] etc which do the same thing and we hope to work with those guys too. Selfish Parker is different because we want to show and capture the number plates. That is what can identify a car (and parker). Or perhaps the make will often show the most guilty of car owners. We don’t want nasty things on our site said, and so do our best to bl*ck out the sw**ring. We don’t want images of the Police or any emergency services…they do a great job (especially recently for us) and shouldn’t be ridiculed for parking how they need.

For now, have a look around the site, see if you can find your car (or your friends/family) and let them know they’ve been deemed (and proved to be) a selfish parker.