A brilliant share by The Bastard Weather

Good afternoon all,

Well it’s been a while since our last blog post after being featured in both the Daily Mail and The Sun plus a few extra sites like HUKD and Bimmerspost and so we thought the next blog should be a little light-hearted. Yes, we saw the article about Fabio as his white Seat in 4 spaces – justified because he spent a few hundred quid on his car. Well he can be featured as an actual post as we have his number plate despite most newspapers covering up his number plate.

Well, what’s more fun and brilliant than this post we found on The Bastard Weather’s Facebook page.

Witty, charming, definitely well drawn, but most of all hits home about how a selfish parker of this sort can be a real d!ck. Placed onto their Ford Mondeo for parking in a parent and toddler space.

We’d love to hear from the original drawer…or indeed any of you should you come across other engaging retorts placed on or given to selfish parkers.

We’ve also learnt our favourite new word – Wank-Puffin!

We hope you’re all enjoying the sun. It’s bloody hot today!