Let’s catch a Scratch and Run vandal

Good morning all,

It’s been a few days since our last blog post and so what better way to update you than tying it in with an update to our new Selfish Parker Of The Month (SPOTM).

As you can see, we like to shame one inconsiderate parker a month…and this month we especially want them to be ashamed. It seems that the driver of a Land Rover, registration VK11 UUS was quite a naughty person.

Thanks to TheBaldGuy? @CampervAndy on twitter for taking this pic and sharing it. Selfish Parker, along with many other disappointed car owners and parking groups, shared this post in the hope of catching the offender…and helping out the Golf owner.

If the Golf is yours then get in touch and let us know how you get on with pursuing actions. To be frank, if the Land Rover driver just did leave and left no details that is pretty dickish!

Thanks for now, keep sharing pics of selfish, bad, terrible, inconsiderate, lazy, dumb parkers and hopefully one by one, little by little, we can make the pavements, parking bays, and general roads of the UK that bit safer (and less stressful & annoying!).