We reach 1,000 members! Plus some thoughts…

Well, we did it! We reached 1,000 members last night (officially sat at 1,104 as I type this). They say simple things impress simple people…but at least we’re getting traction. Just another 10,000,000 to go before we can have a real impact on society.

Why should people sign up and share pictures of cars parked selfishly, lazily, badly, poorly, and inconsiderately? Well, how many of you, or indeed how many people (as a whole group) have ever been in a busy car park and seen some idiot parked across 2 bays (or more), or you’re disabled/have children and you see cars in the disabled/parent & toddler spaces that don’t carry badges/children? It riles your blood doesn’t it? Why can’t you/we put a stop to it. Maybe if they were fined more easily they wouldn’t perhaps? Maybe if the fool parked on the pavement aside a busy road forcing you to walk into said road didn’t then your lives wouldn’t be put at risk?

It’s simple really, imagine a society and system where fines could be placed retrospectively on selfish parkers who do the above? Be it from supermarkets, car parking firms, local councils and authorities…or better, what if insurance providers started to increase premiums for drivers who are known to park dangerously on busy roads over double yellows? These inconsiderate individuals would stop pretty quickly wouldn’t they?

I think we can all agree that small adjustments like this could make a BIG difference to our stress levels and lives. Yes it will take some work and time to get going…but surely councils, car parking firms, and insurers want to increase their revenues?

We hope you’re all doing well. What started off as a bit of a pet project has actually turned into something with some real scope and we want to thank you for your (continued) support.

S & P (they are actually our initials…quite ironic!)