Is a Ford Black Mondeo Tesco shopper the most Selfish Parker?

Being the geeks we are, what better than to have a page showing a breakdown of the selfish parkers who appear on our site. Please note before you read on that this page is a work in progress…which we aim to update fortnightly. As you can imagine, going through and counting a lot of the older posts has to be done by hand and so isn’t the most joyous or quick things to do. However, saying that, our NEW site does allow members to log Manufacturer, Colour, Year, the Selfish Action and someday soon where. (when the app finally comes out!)

Date: 02/02/2017

Selfish Parkers on site: 3860

Members of 1,134

Sample quantity: 391 (10%)

Some top line stats to start us off:

  • 10% of the cars surveyed parked in a Disabled bay without a badge.
  • Blatantly parking over two bays is the highest scoring offense of selfishly parked cars with 41% parking – including those who park over 2 Disabled and Parent & Toddler – yes these people do exist!
  • 7% of the cars counted had parked over 3 (Yes THREE) or more spaces!
  • Cars that have lazily been swung into a sport and thus creep into the next back make up 20% of the cars surveyed.

Take a look at our new Statistics page for more.

With both car brand and model, there is the view that as there are a lot of Fords and Vauxhalls on the roads more of them will be seen, and similarly for the colour black being the most popular….however these stats represent a particular type of individual…A car cannot choose to park badly, it is the owner who does.