What a weekend for Press Coverage!

After the revamped version of the new selfishparker.com website being live for only a number of weeks, we were pleased to see BOTH The Daily Mail and The Sun ran a piece on us.
Hey, we even got picked up by F3o.Bimmerpost and HotUKDeals to boot!

Naturally, there were lots of negative comments about a site like ours…but that is to be expected as some people will like and appreciate a site like this, and others will think it’s a bit lame and weird. And that’s OK. We know we cannot please everyone, but as long as people continue to join the site and posts pics then we know we are doing something good and right.

What’s great to read though from all the comments is that there are far more people pleased a site like this exists, than not. Even if launching a site like this is crazy and a bit sad to some, there is one universal thing that we believe 99.9% of people agree on…that selfish, lazy, bad, inconsiderate parking is wrong. People who park in disabled or Parent & toddler bays and spaces without blue badges or children respectively are wrong.

Yes, some people proudly state they have big or fancy cars and so openly park across two bays so they don’t get other car doors knocking into them…but then what do the responses online show? That there are just as many, if not, more people happy to key a car that does this, or blocks a pavement not allowing a pram or mobility scooter to get through.

We get it, not all parking that people say is selfish might have actually been… yes, a previous car might have parked over a line which in turn caused the car seen to be across two lines but doesn’t that feel more like an excuse sometimes? Just because one person acts like a prat doesn’t mean another should get to do it too..especially if we want to improve society, right?

Anyway, we’re very grateful to the teams at The Daily Mail, The Sun, and the independent posters on the F30.Bimmerspot (RustyBitz) and HotUKDeals (Stiz2theMiz) blogs for sharing the love.

What would be great is people would have seen/read these articles and shares, visited the site, searched their number plate and found they had in fact been caught selfishly parking…and think to themselves, right, I’m not going to do that again! (though we’re sure there will be those who might be proud to have been spotted…and fair enough, it is their life).

Thanks for now and hope you enjoy the site folks.