Count for Statistics – Day 1

And so it begins!

But firstly, let me explain. We have A LOT of images of cars parked selfishly, inconsiderately, badly, lazily, rudely etc – and as we write we have 3812 –  and they date back to 2013. Our new site can capture info as people add images including manufacturer, colour, location and how it was parked…but the original imagery – probably still a number in the thousands has to be re-logged.

Our previous site had a basic Statistics page…but in the spirit of capturing interesting data which will actually mean something to parties we need to start again…and today was the first day! We’re not planning on counting every day but will keep a log, and you our visitors, up-to-date. Though, based on how many I managed to log today this is going to take quite a while!

Right…top line from today’s count then:

  • 57 Cars logged (0.015% of database)
  • Manufacturer ranked by selfishness:
    1. Ford
    2. Peugeot
    3. BMW
  • Colour rank:
    1. Black
    2. & 3 Joint. Silver & White
  • Registration Year
    1. Own Reg plate
    2. 2011
    3. 2010
  • Car Shape rank
    1. Hatchback
    2. SuperMini
    3. City
  • How have they parked selfishly?
    1. Parked across 2 parking bays BLATENTLY – i.e. not just slightly over
    2. Over a bay line – i.e. not bothered to check whether they’re in between and so lazy
    3. Swung in – i.e. either taking up space of another bay or leaving themselves in the road
  • Location (where we can determine)
    1. ASDA
    2. & 3. Joint Sainsbury’s & B&Q.


So what can we see from our first day’s count?

Well, someone who drives a Black Ford Hatch (i.e. Focus) with their own number plate will be the most statistically likely individual to park selfishly over two parking bays intentionally!

Insurers…perhaps this is something to think about when considering their coverage? Whilst you consider how these people drive…why not consider how they park too? Who knows parking like this may lead to their cars being keyed or dented by others…and thus increase your costs to repair? Or…could one consider that an individual who parks badly in a selfish way could potentially be a bad and selfish driver too? Perhaps its synonymous…