Selfish Parkers Caught on Video

As we want all parkers caught being selfish, lazy, inconsiderate, or just down right idiots to be shown we have a selection of videos along with the posts that are uploaded by members or from social media. These videos can be found on our videos page

Here are the parkers and number plates that have been caught being selfish, lazy, inconsiderate (or worse!):

UPDATED 19th October 2017

  • SK62 SGX parking in a disabled¬†bay and then attacking a disabled man who confronts him!
  • YC61 LFS taking up two spaces in a busy McDonalds car park.
  • YY54 NGN using two bays in a busy town centre car park.
  • TJA 284 forcing pedestrians to walk into the street.
  • FT64 BFF taking up TWO disabled spaces in an ASDA car park…and then running into the store!
  • BK07 VPP parked in a contraflow cycle lane, on double yellows and the pavement!
  • R90 EJB parking selfishly on zigzags.
  • CK63 XJW parked weirdly right up against another car a good 2 foot from the kerb, and at an angle!
  • FY59 VOA blocking a footpath when easily could have parked on the road.
  • YP08 WKK not only taking two spaces in a busy car park but also leaving their front out.
  • FA51 VKY parking inconsiderately¬†on zigzags.
  • r432 FKK being caught and having a nice note left on their car.
  • HK55 LYP being another lazy parker on zigzags.
  • AE53 NGG parking on both zigzags and a pedestrian crossing outside a school.
  • GL62 BBZ Disabled bay abuse at John Lewis

We’ll aim to add more to this page as we find them or are sent them to post. The videos above with an ‘!’ are definitely the worst offenders.