Check out our new FREE flyers

Are you fed up with people constantly parking selfishly in your road or out and about when shopping?

Those selfish people who park in Disabled or Parent and Child spaces when they are clearly neither! People who park on double yellows and cause traffic to build up! People who are either too lazy or selfish to park within normal bay lines!

Well, why not place one of these free little flyers on their car when you take your next picture to let them know they have been shamed and are now featured on the hall of fame.

We want to get the word out there about and so are giving these flyers away for free. Some sites actually want to charge you! All it takes is a little bit of time on photoshop and these can be made easily…and to charge for them? #crazy!

You should be able to see the link in the top menu, but if not here is the link to our FREE FLYER

Posting an image of inconsiderately parked cars is easy on – Simply sign up to be a member and submit it via the website.

Please note that for the time being we still want to authorise every image before it goes live…mainly because we don’t want anyone being silly or posting naughty things which aren’t relevant to preventing selfish parking.