Very selfish parker

Vehicle Details:

  Vehicle Registration:BF17 JTX
  Submitted By:Mason_C***
  Date submitted:December 31, 2018
  MOT & Tax data:Click here
  Location (Detailed):residential street
  Car Brand:Volkswagen
  Car Colour:Black
  Car Shape/Type:Saloon
  Reason:Obstructing Access/Dropped Curb
  Description:The owner of this Audi clearly feels his car is far too important to be parked in a lowly car park down the road and so parks it here, all day long, where its causing pedestrians, wheelchair users, kids etc. to go into the road, near a busy junction. Clearly no space for the wheelchair user to get past. There is not a usable pavement on the other side and when the driver is challenged his attitude is less than desirable. Totally selfish
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