They're back again

Vehicle Details:

  Vehicle Registration: FP55 GHV
  Submitted By: Xeno***
  Date submitted: September 4, 2020
  MOT Expiry 2022.06.23
  Location: Norfolk
  Location (Detailed): Residential area
  Car Make: Volvo
  Car Model: S40
  Car Colour: Grey
  Car Fuel Type: Diesel
  Car Shape/Type: Saloon
  Reason: Yellow/White/Red Lines
  Description: Again with the pavement parking with no permit. Thankfully they left more space than last time, but they are still feet away from the intersection and the pull in for the garages. Elderly with walkers or parents with prams will still have to go into the road to get around this car.
Know someone who can't park? Place a flyer on their window shield and let them know that they're a Selfish Parker
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