Persistently selfish parker

Vehicle Details:

  Vehicle Registration: FL66 TYW
  Submitted By: Barwis Terr***
  Date submitted: June 19, 2019
  MOT Status Not Recorded
  MOT Expiry Not Recorded
  Location: Cornwall
  Location (Detailed): Parked in front of Polite Notice
  Car Make: Nissan
  Car Model: Not Recorded
  Car Colour: Not Recorded
  Car Fuel Type: Not Recorded
  Car Shape/Type: SUV
  Reason: Other
  Description: One of the most persistenly ignorant abusers. This car stays parked for days on end (while they use the wife's car !!!)
Know someone who can't park? Place a flyer on their window shield and let them know that they're a Selfish Parker