Paving the way to bad parking

Vehicle Details:

  Vehicle Registration: VA59GMU
  Submitted By: Pedestrian***
  Date submitted: May 28, 2021
  MOT Expiry 2023.01.26
  Location: Gloucestershire
  Location (Detailed): Kings Road Stroud
  Car Make: Ford
  Car Model: FIESTA
  Car Colour: Black
  Car Fuel Type: Petrol
  Car Shape/Type: Hatch
  Reason: Parking on Pavement
  Description: Regardless of the legal parking places available, this plonker always opts for the pavement and leaves the damn vehicle for days on end without moving it. Driver coudn't give a damn about blocking the pavement, driving on the pavement or parking without lights while facing oncoming traffic. Total prat who deserves to lose his/her licence for good. Thanks for making my area like a bleeding scrapyard. Well done! Car keys at the ready.
Know someone who can't park? Place a flyer on their window shield and let them know that they're a Selfish Parker
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