Parking like a Tw*t

Vehicle Details:

  Vehicle Registration: LA08 GDZ
  Submitted By: Mason_C***
  Date submitted: January 14, 2021
  MOT Expiry 2022.11.15
  Location: Lancashire
  Location (Detailed): Residential street
  Car Make: BMW
  Car Model: 3 SERIES
  Car Colour: Grey
  Car Fuel Type: Diesel
  Car Shape/Type: Estate
  Reason: Obstructing Access/Dropped Curb/Views/Road
  Description: This is how a Social Worker now chooses to park in such a way as to obstruct the access to the dropped kerb so as the disabled persons/people in her street cannot get past or off the pavement.
Know someone who can't park? Place a flyer on their window shield and let them know that they're a Selfish Parker
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