“@Margymoo: @WirralCouncil. literally 2 steps to the school gate #imlatedontcareforrules KS02 HHO

Vehicle Details:

  Vehicle Registration: KS02 HHO
  Submitted By: Selfish Parker Team
  Date submitted: June 2, 2014
  MOT Expiry 2016.07.28
  Location: Not Recorded
  Location (Detailed): Not Recorded
  Car Make: PEUGEOT
  Car Model: 307
  Car Colour: Blue
  Car Fuel Type: Diesel
  Car Shape/Type: Not Recorded
  Reason: Other
  Description: “: . literally 2 steps to the school gate #imlatedontcareforrules http://t.co/1wFbrh4ORV” KS02 HHO
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