Inbred idiots who are convinced they own the pathway outside their property!

Vehicle Details:

  Vehicle Registration: DF64 XZN
  Submitted By: Mason_C***
  Date submitted: May 17, 2018
  MOT Expiry 2020.01.29
  Location: Lancashire
  Location (Detailed): Residential Street
  Car Make: MAZDA
  Car Model: 3
  Car Colour: Grey
  Car Fuel Type: Petrol
  Car Shape/Type: Hatch
  Reason: Obstructing Access/Dropped Curb
  Description: Parked up right across the pavement and the dropped kerb with no access at all for the wheelchair user to pass either the car or get off the pavement to go around the car. The driver came out, used abuse and left the disabled person to sit there. "F**k off and get on with it, I have the right to park where I like" the driver said, "AND, My parents paid to have the kerb dropped so THEY own the pavement and you can f**k right off, you have no right to use it". When it was pointed out that a 4 year old severely sight-impaired child was forced into the road with her mother the response was still the same to that child, f**k right off! What can you expect from the inbreds? They eventually moved when the police were called.
Know someone who can't park? Place a flyer on their window shield and let them know that they're a Selfish Parker