Empty garage, empty driveway on property. Prefers to park on pavement (for 2 days in same position) instead and force children who use said pavement to access the local park. Has even admitted her insurance is not correct as she cannot see the car from her house, such intelligence!

Vehicle Details:

  Vehicle Registration:PN64 JPU
  Submitted By:Mason_C***
  Date submitted:February 18, 2018
  MOT & Tax data:Click here
  Location (Detailed):RESIDENTIAL STREET
  Car Brand:Other
  Car Colour:White
  Car Shape/Type:Hatch
  Description:This car and other car on other side both belong to same family who don't seem to like parking on their driveway but on the pavements. They have a garage that has never had a car in it in more than 20 years. When children want to go to the park they must walk in the road, as well as several wheelchair users, local to the area.
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